Shed Builder's Harley Flathead Bobber
Imagine stumbling upon a relic from the past, only to breathe new life into it with your own hands and creative vision.

That’s precisely what Slobodan Cirkovic did when he discovered a 1943 Canadian army-issue Harley WLC engine on eBay.

This Croatian ex-pat living in the UK has dedicated years to honing his skills in building custom bikes from his workshop in Corby, and his latest project is nothing short of extraordinary – a Harley-Davidson WLC flathead bobber that beautifully marries vintage aesthetics with modern functionality.

Join us as we delve into the captivating journey of Slobodan’s passion project, which began 14 years ago and culminated in a stunning work of art that turned heads at last year’s Kickback custom bike competition.

You’ll be amazed by the intricate details and masterful craftsmanship showcased in this one-of-a-kind creation – from its custom-made fuel tank and wooden footboards to its vintage Brooks bicycle seat. So, buckle up for an unforgettable ride through time as we explore the fascinating story behind this labour of love that embodies our shared desire for freedom, adventure, and self-expression.

Photography courtesy of Bikexif.

Project Inspiration and Origins

When inspiration struck like lightning, Slobodan Cirkovic embarked on a 14-year journey to create his dream Harley-Davidson WLC flathead bobber, kickstarting the project with a 1943 Canadian army-issue engine found on eBay.

This Croatian ex-pat living in the UK was determined to build a smaller, nice-looking bike with smooth lines without relying heavily on aftermarket components. The spark that reignited his passion for this custom bike project came from the UK’s Kickback custom bike competition last year, where Slobodan’s work was well received.

After years of hard work and dedication in his Corby workshop, Slobodan meticulously crafted every aspect of this vintage masterpiece. From building custom-made fuel tanks with hidden cutouts to house bits like ignition coils to replacing the seat with a vintage Brooks bicycle seat mounted on springs – no detail was overlooked.

As he put all his focus into constructing this unique motorcycle, it became evident that he possessed both exceptional technical knowledge and creative design skills. Now that you’ve learned about the origins of this incredible project, let’s delve deeper into how Slobodan crafted such an amazing custom bike.

Crafting the Custom Bike

As you craft your custom bike, attention to detail and a passion for creating something unique can lead to remarkable results that truly showcase your skills as a builder. Slobodan’s Harley Flathead Bobber is a prime example of this, where he combined in-depth technical knowledge and creative design skills to construct an exquisite motorcycle that stands out from the rest.

Using his workshop filled with essential tools like a lathe, pipe bender, and steel table, Slobodan meticulously pieced together components such as the Range Rover subframe tubes for the frame, slim tubing for the rear triangle, and handmade copper oil lines.

To ensure proper alignment of the drivetrain components – one of the biggest challenges during construction – he carefully fabricated engine mounting plates while also incorporating unique elements like wooden footboards inspired by yacht decks.

The result is an eye-catching machine that not only reflects its builder’s dedication but also captures the essence of what custom motorcycle building is all about freedom, individuality, and craftsmanship. The finished product exhibits fluid lines and minimal aftermarket components while boasting some unconventional features such as disc brakes on a vintage Harley bobber or using trial bike callipers for braking system parts.

This level of skill and innovation displayed throughout Slobodan’s work has garnered well-deserved recognition at competitions like Kickback in London Bike Shed show. As you admire this beautiful piece of machinery, it paves the way for exploring how it was received by others and what future plans lay ahead for both Slobodan Cirkovic and his intriguing creations.

Reception and Future Plans

It’s no surprise that Slobodan’s masterpiece has turned heads and garnered praise at events like the Kickback custom bike competition, as well as local shows in London. The intricate craftsmanship, careful attention to detail, and the beautiful blend of vintage and modern components make this Harley flathead bobber a true work of art.

The dedication put into constructing this bike with such a limited budget is nothing short of inspiring. It speaks volumes about Slobodan’s passion for his craft and his ability to create something truly unique without relying on expensive aftermarket parts.

With friends encouraging him to turn his hobby into a business under the moniker BobC Custom Motorcycles, it seems only fitting that Slobodan should continue to share his incredible talent with the world.

As he fine-tunes his current creation and makes it fully road legal, there’s no doubt that future projects will be just as awe-inspiring.

His Corby workshop may have started as a small space for personal projects, but it has already produced some amazing bikes over the years. With an artist like Slobodan at its helm, we can’t wait to see where BobC Custom Motorcycles will take us next – perhaps even on our own journey towards liberation through masterful design and engineering.