Black Lanes: Scandinavian Honda CB650 Minimalism
The sleek and minimalist design of Black Lanes' Scandinavian Honda CB650.

Black Lanes, a Scandinavian duo, has introduced a unique motorcycle based on a Honda CB650 from 1980.

The motorcycle, named BL2, is a part of their handmade line of Black Lanes products that focuses on minimalism and simplicity.

The BL2 is a stunning example of Scandinavian design, featuring a minimalist and sleek look with a black matte finish and a simplified rear end.

The Scandinavian duo drew inspiration from skateboarding for the handmade seat and front mask, using a walnut wood board that resembles a skateboard.

The original fuel tank has been replaced with one from a Yamaha XS, and almost everything non-essential has been removed. The result is a retro-style motorcycle that is a perfect combination of a black matte finish and red walnut wood.

This article will discuss the design and inspiration behind the BL2, as well as its features and modifications. Additionally, we will explore the riding experience of this minimalistic motorcycle that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who loves motorcycles and aesthetics.